Offering sustainable spiritual, educational and medical support to the people of Malawi


"Much is required from those to whom much is given, and much more is required from those to whom much more is given."   Luke 12:48 NLT

Malawi is a nation of truly amazing children. We have seen first hand how these children are energetic and eager to learn, like all kids worldwide. Tragically, AIDS, malaria and other preventable diseases have wiped out a whole generation of parents to many of these beautiful children, leaving them with little hope for the future. It is heartbreaking to see very young children bearing the burden of caring for even younger siblings. With your help, we are working together to bring hope for their future, working toward sustainable solutions around the many challenges of meeting physical and spiritual needs. Together, we can make an impact on the lives of many of these children. It is our privilege, and our responsibility.

Update 2016

In October of 2016: A team of 9 people are travelling to Malawi for our fifth HAHFA mission since we first began in 2006. Malawi Commissioning – 2016

We are continuing to build our relationships with our partners on the ground – Emmanuel International Malawi, Word of Grace Church, and Prison Fellowship Malawi. Our focus continues to be one of sustainability and community development with a three-pronged approach: To Learn, To Fellowship and To Encourage. With this particular mission, we have two primary initiatives. We will be visiting the site of an Irrigation Project that we continue to provide support to through EI. The result of the completion of this project will be life-changing for the community around Word of Grace church. The people in this region suffer regularly from droughts and flooding, causing ongoing food shortages, which often leads to starvation. Over the past year, a lot of work has been done by EI, and Pastor Moses in the planning of getting water to the field, so that crops can be grown year round. Your financial support of this mission project will allow this challenging work to become a reality. Our second initiative involves Prison Fellowship Malawi’s only Half Way House, where former inmates learn skills to assist them in reintegrating into their communities. On our previous mission in 2012, we visited a prison in Malawi, where we saw first hand the hardship on the faces of young men who had been imprisoned for minor infractions such as loitering or stealing bread to feed their families. The Half Way House offers hope to these men, as they not only get skill-training, but they are supported and encouraged to become productive members of their communities. The goal of the Half Way House is to be self-sustaining through income-generating projects, involving the newly-trained men and women. Your financial support will assist the operation of the PF Deli and bakery, as well as other new sustainable initiatives being tested.

We are looking forward to walking alongside our friends in Malawi once again, as we continue to strengthen our long-term relationships with them through Emmanuel International and the local churches.

We appreciate you considering supporting these long-range community development initiatives that will continue to develop well beyond our short term mission this year. Thank you!

To make a donation On-Line visit HAHFA at Emmanuel International

To Pay by Cheque

Please make your Canadian dollar cheque payable to Emmanuel International Canada and deliver it to a person going on the mission trip or mail to:

  • Emmanuel International Canada
  • P.O. Box 4050
  • Stouffville Sideroad
  • Stouffville, Ontario, Canada
  • L4A 8B6

For more information on the work of the Prison Fellowship Malawi, please see their website