Offering sustainable spiritual, educational and medical support to the people of Malawi

How Did HAHFA Begin?

The groundwork was laid for Hands and Hearts for Africa (HAHFA) when Bob and Joy Swan of Hosanna Church in Minnesota went on an “exploratory” trip to Malawi, saw the needs, and then returned to Malawi in November of 2006 with the first team trip. Members of that team were from Hosanna Church as well as individuals from a number of communities and churches in Canada including Wellington Square Church in Burlington Ontario. Right from the beginning, this initiative was a collaborative effort. We have returned to Malawi since then and continue to have regular mission trips to learn, serve, and formulate further plans to meet the many needs of this small African nation. HAHFA strives to provide an easy way for individuals, churches, and other groups to get involved personally.

Malawi Videos: