Offering sustainable spiritual, educational and medical support to the people of Malawi


As we look back on our very short history, there are many successes. We have established solid relationships upon which to build, with people in a large geographic area between Liwonde National Park, Ulongwe, Zomba and Balaka. We’ve held very large community gatherings to get to know one another as we shared a meal and celebrated together with two of our trips. Everyone was invited to come together as brothers and sisters whether Christian, Muslim, another belief, or of no faith at all. Over 50 people from Canada and United States went on the first two trips. After experiencing a little portion of Africa, they can now personally spread the enthusiasm for working and growing with Malawians.
We spent much of our time with children of all ages at Nanthomba and Kafulafula schools, learning, playing and simply letting them know that there is someone who cares about them. We want to continue to give them hope for health and education in order to grow and become productive individuals in their communities.
Partnerships are established for continuation of work together with experienced people as we become aware of tangible ways to assist with sustainable solutions to the many life challenges in Malawi.
Availability of very basic education and health care is a primary focus. We have worked with others, sometimes taking the lead, and sometimes supporting the lead of others to coordinate, develop and partially finance Nanthomba Primary School and Nanthomba Health Care Centre.
By God’s grace, we were able to participate in the success at Njoho Orphanage, by providing one nutritional meal of porridge per day for 200 children for a year.
A variety of other activities include distribution of clothing and supplies at schools, medicines at clinics, as well as learning the culture and how best to assist for long-term benefit.
We made additional connections in the Balaka area of Malawi, and look forward to working with Emmanuel International in that location as we continue to assist outside the Liwonde Park area.
Please consider participating to impact lives in Africa and North America.

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