Offering sustainable spiritual, educational and medical support to the people of Malawi

Emmanuel International

We are working in Malawi with Emmanuel International (EI), a well established, international Christian organization which takes a holistic approach to serving others through their mission operations in various parts of the world. EI is headquartered in Canada and summarizes their overall goal as “Transforming Lives for now and for eternity”. With over 20 years experience in Malawi and considerable staff resources, EI is equipped to serve the varied and complex needs of Malawian women, children and men, many living with or surviving the devastation of HIV / AIDS.
Programs meet real needs while emphasizing the education of people for future sustainability. EI’s experience and programs are far broader than the projects of HAHFA and we believe that by supporting one another, everyone will gain. Some examples of their programs in Malawi include:

Health, Nutrition and Medical – food security, crop development, irrigation, food preparation, food distribution for the chronically ill, nutritional education for children, survival education and learning how to combat the spread of HIV / AIDS. Water and Sanitation – new well construction, well rehabilitation, sanitation and hygiene training to reduce the prevalence of water and sanitation related diseases Micro Business Development – training for small business start up, village savings and loan clubs (majority women) for investments (such as subsidized fertilizers, poultry farms, bee keeping) Disaster Risk Reduction – education to improve preparedness in disaster-prone areas Faith Development – training for future leaders and youth leaders, support for students at local Bible colleges, church capacity training.

Check out EI International on their web site at e-i.org. For further info on EI Malawi click here