Offering sustainable spiritual, educational and medical support to the people of Malawi

Njoho Orphanage Feeding Program

cooking porridge
The goal is to raise $17,000 to feed 200 children a daily fortified porridge breakfast for an entire year. That is only $85 per year per child (or about $7 per month per child).

We’ve seen an incredible six month transformation of an empty building into a thriving orphanage for 200 children. The major players were Emmanuel International along with the Australian AIDS Fund who funded a small kitchen and water well. The community has rallied to help make this a thriving place for children to learn and have a place to grow and develop skills. We were able to play a small part by funding a daily feeding program of one meal of fortified porridge for the children during the 2007 / 2008 year. Our aim is to continue to support this food program so that the children are nourished to enable learning and physical development.

Drinking Water & Sanitation Program

Emmanuel International Canada has entered into a exciting funding opportunity with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and we are participating. They have targeted 40 different communities in Malawi to build 40 wells and rehabilitate another 40 wells. The entire program is intended to benefit some 36,000 people. Our goal is to raise enough support for one third of the program. In addition to water wells, there will be sanitation and hygiene education to help empower women, who usually carry this responsibility in African culture.
getting water from the well

The exciting thing is that CIDA will match our donations 3:1 which means that for every $1 we raise, CIDA will contribute $3. As an example, your $100 donation becomes $400.

Our goal is to raise $25,000 which will become $100,000 with CIDA matching. In November our team will see some of the communities that will benefit from these donations dollars.

Should funds exceed the requirements of this CIDA 3:1 matching program, the Board of Emmanuel International will re-designate where most needed.


Some education in Malawi is free, however, students must pay the cost of uniforms and books in order to attend. That cost is approximately $50 per year. While that cost is low by North American standards, it is prohibitive for most families in Malawi where annual earnings is often less than $200 per year. For a relatively small investment of donation dollars, we can get students into classrooms where they are available.

Business Start Up Assistance

Many people in Malawi are seeking ways to support themselves financially for basic food, household needs or anti-retroviral drugs. Discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS continues to be an issue that keeps people from finding suitable employment. Often people simply lack the capital to start a small business.

Our intention is to utilize the experience that Emmanuel International Malawi has gained in assisting with small business ventures. Particularly, how to organize groups of people (mostly women) pooling what little money they have and how to select and market businesses appropriate for their community. The strategy is to educate and provide subsidized capital for business start up, requiring Malawians to contribute what they can financially. This encourages a climate of ownership, accountability and sustainability rather than an expectation of a short lived hand out.

Faith Development

The approach is to support existing Christian faith communities already in Malawi and increase their capacity. Some examples of areas needing financial support include:

  • Transportation for pastors so they can reach and serve their communities (many walk or bicycle several miles)
  • Training for pastors and youth leaders
  • Church facilities
  • Bibles and books
  • Sunday School materials


little girl in blue dress
Many “orphanages” are nothing more than a gathering place for community children to spend the day. Often a few local women volunteer to care for large numbers of children, with little or no food, supplies or teaching materials. Many children remain idle with nothing to stimulate growth or learning. In the evenings they return home to aunts or uncles who themselves are struggling to survive.

Funds are needed to provide basic needs as part of a broader holistic approach to building up local communities.

Medical Supplies and Household

This is really a request to cover “incidental” needs as we discover them. The broader approach is to support larger community programs such as our participation and support for the Nandumbo Health Care Centre or other Emmanuel programs.

To make a donation, please visit the Make a Donation page.