Offering sustainable spiritual, educational and medical support to the people of Malawi

Last trip - May 2012

What we did

Our time included:

Learning, growing and exercising our faith in small rural communities…

• Connected with a local churches as we walked together through villages visiting families and praying with the sick.
• Worshipped together with Africans in their local setting.
• Spent time with children (mostly orphans) in unstructured settings, showing them love, engaging in simple activities, and, teaching very basic Bible curriculum.

Built relationships by…

• Spending time with community leaders and families.
• Learning the culture through mild immersion into life in Malawi so we could more fully understand needs and how best to assist.
• Spent time with people living with HIV / AIDS.

Assisted communities familiar to us by…

• Working in small community gardens preparing soil for the next growing season and assessing irrigation needs.
• Helping with breakfast programs for orphans.
• Teaching women how to knit and crochet.
• Provided basic business skills to a group of widowed women starting a tea shop.
• Visiting and working on other projects led by Emmanuel International, one of our key on-the-ground partners in Malawi

Are there ways to help?

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The next HAHFA trip is not yet planned but will most likely be in 2014!

Consent for Minors

As a general rule, individuals must be legal adult age in order to join a short term mission trip to Malawi. Exceptions may be granted for minors under certain circumstances. Please check with the trip leader.

If a minor child is permitted to join a short term mission trip, please read the government recommendations.

In addition to the recommendations of the government, we require the following:

• A consent letter must accompany the minor.
• The consent letter must be witnessed and certified, stamped or sealed by an appropriate official (i.e. a commissioner for oaths, notary public, lawyer, etc.).

It is the responsibility of the parent(s) to ensure that all requirements for consent are met with the most up-to-date information (e.g. contact with representatives of the country or countries to be visited, contact with the transportation companies, etc., as noted on the government web site).

A sample consent letter can be downloaded for your convenience, however, it is your responsibility to ensure that all requirements noted on the government site are included in your actual authorized letter. Download Consent Letter